ADFU/Cercle Diplomatique maintains an exclusive impartial platform for members of the Corps diplomatique in The Hague and Brussels and officials of international organizations, providing them with insights how it works in their host country (economically, financially, politically and matters of state), and governmental agencies and private companies to share and promote their current expertise and knowhow internationally in accordance with the ADFU concept.


ADFU/CD operates a particular type of nation branding

for directed at positively influencing international relations and sharpening the international profile of a nation, and provides a) policy insights in the host country; b) transparency in information and processes; c) a bridge for political and business advocacy, supported by a carefully monitored and maintained atmosphere of trust.

The ADFU/CD concept is made available worldwide or training and application, under mutually agreed conditions.the_vienna_convention_big

Conferences, Seminars, Field trips, Network events, Certificate ceremonies


ADFU is a NGO registered with the United Nations and city The Hague

Our Nature…

ADFU/CD is a civil society NGO; an international network-centric organization, a-political and non-religious in character; stimulating learning and doing as the core of any creative human activity, and guided by the notions of 'Friendship and Understanding'.

Our Belief..

ADFU/CD beliefs that civil society organizations play an increasingly important role in every sector of daily life, and are becoming indispensable for governmental as well as entrepreneurial organizations in pursuing their strategic objectives.