Organigram – Public Profile

In our Committee of Recommendation are represented the various stakeholders of our Association, such as foreign ambassadors, high level internationally oriented officials and Company CEO’s. The members of the various other Committees are supporting the ADFU objectives, and programs through their knowledge, capabilities, and personal networks.

Honorary Members

His Excellency Dr. Erwin Kubesch, former Ambassador of Austria in The Hague

 His Excellency Mr. Hans O. Magnusson, former Ambassador of Sweden in The Hague

His Excellency Dr. Thomas Läufer, former Ambassador of Germany in The Hague

His Excellency Dr. Carlos Mora, Ambassador of Uruguay


Committee of Recommendation

Her Excellency Mrs.Vesela Mrden Korac, Ambassador of Croatia

His Excellency Mr. Francesco Azzarello, Ambassador of Italy

His Excellency Mr. Jan Borkowski, Ambassador of Poland

Mr.Jaap Smit, King’s Commissioner Zuid-Holland

Mr. Frank van Kappen, Chairman of the Standing Committee  of

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development of the  Senat of the States General

Mr. Fred de Graaf LLM, Member of the Senate of the States General

Prof. Dr. Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB)

Mrs. Mariette Hamer, Chairman of the Social and Economic Council (S.E.R.)

Mr. Ed Nijpels, Chairman of the Standing Committee o or the Agreement on Energy

Mr. Wim J. Deetman, Member of the Council of State

Mrs. Angelien Eijsink, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs

of the House of Representatives of the States General                                                          

Mr. Gilbert H. A. Monod de Froideville, Honorary Chamberlain to Princess Queen Beatrix